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OK Wap – Mei Mei

OK Wap are a cell phone brand that has become popular with Taiwanese girls. They wanted to begin pushing the brand up market, but without losing their core customer base. They approached DEM to formulate a strategy for development, and propose phones that would appeal […]

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Asus AX112 VoIP

Asus wanted to enter the VoIP industry and approached design department to propose some solutions. During research, we discovered it was the women and mothers in the house that often specified and bought the phones for the household. As a result, we proposed a very […]

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There is enormous nostalgia around songs from our youth, and we wondered if the nascent MP3 player ecosystem had the same emotional appeal as ‘analogue’ formats. Personal stereos and MP3 devices have disadvantages: > Personal stereos isolate users > MP3s are dependent on a PC […]