Kokuyo – Pencils for Gambling

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Kokuyo is one of the oldest and most established stationary manufacturers in Japan. Each year they hold a design award and invite entrants from around […]

OK Wap – Mei Mei

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OK Wap are a cell phone brand that has become popular with Taiwanese girls. They wanted to begin pushing the brand up market, but without […]

Wedding Ring

ring-hi res - zen

Design Week Magazine June 24 2007 “Inspired” Working in Taiwan, I deal with some design strange briefs. My boss – great grandson of Generalissimo Chiang […]

Asus AX112 VoIP

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Asus wanted to enter the VoIP industry and approached design department to propose some solutions. During research, we discovered it was the women and mothers […]


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There is enormous nostalgia around songs from our youth, and we wondered if the nascent MP3 player ecosystem had the same emotional appeal as ‘analogue’ […]

Caparo Steel

Caparo 6

Caparo Steel in Scunthorpe set us the challenge of redesigning their furnace’s billet unloading system, shifting 70 tons of red hot steel. We proposed a […]