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Wego – Funstation Remote Control

Wego are the largest love hotel chain in Taiwan; providing services to those in need of ‘short-term accommodation’. While this may on first thought seem seedy to a Westerner, you need to remember that many young people- even married- live with their parents, and time […]

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Giant Clip

The Giant management team came back to DEM in order to strengthen their range of ‘lifestyle’ bikes, after the successful City Storm bike, designed in collaboration with Michael Young. The brief: the Japanese market is enormously influential, and due to more cramped living conditions than […]


Otis Elevators – Asia Design Strategy

Spanning locations in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, we worked with Otis on designing and implementing a pan-Asian design strategy, using their most iconic interface design as the starting point. The design architecture encompassed the interior design of the cars, through to interface details […]

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Cellgi Hotline

Cellgi returned to DEM to propose a further range of phones to push the phone up-market, especially in China. Focusing on the belt detail, we worked on a range of concepts that kept some of the rounded details, but made it much easier for the […]


OK Wap “Jie Jie”

OK Wap returned to us to conceptualise ‘Jie Jie’ – a more mature ‘sister’ phone to the first project, that proposed an innovative user interface, employing active EL segments. We worked with Pelikon Ltd, a British Electro-luminescence technology company, to develop a range of scenarios […]

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Kuro Media

Kuro, at the time the largest legal music download service in China, approached us to develop a range of hardware products to support their market entry. The range included a cell phone, speakers, microphones, and a desktop MP3 controller that attaches to a PC – […]


Mashi Maro – Cell Phone

Cellgi bought the rights to use Mashi Maro – a Korean cartoon rabbit – and asked us to propose a range of cell phones for young women. Developing the brand, we targeted the red ‘belt’ as the focal point for the industrial design, packaging, and […]

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Intel Education

Bidding against some of the best-known American consultancies, we won a contract to help Intel formulate their strategy for Education mobile computing, on the then-new UMPC platform. Working closely with suppliers in Taipei and China, we designed a computer for students that wrapped the internals […]

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Kokuyo – Pencils for Gambling

Kokuyo is one of the oldest and most established stationary manufacturers in Japan. Each year they hold a design award and invite entrants from around the world to propose products. We worked on a range of ideas that fused modern and traditional Asian elements – […]

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OK Wap – Mei Mei

OK Wap are a cell phone brand that has become popular with Taiwanese girls. They wanted to begin pushing the brand up market, but without losing their core customer base. They approached DEM to formulate a strategy for development, and propose phones that would appeal […]

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Wedding Ring

Design Week Magazine June 24 2007 “Inspired” Working in Taiwan, I deal with some design strange briefs. My boss – great grandson of Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek – appeared on a TV talk show and managed to lose a bet with the host. The forfeit? […]