Wego – Funstation Remote Control

Wego are the largest love hotel chain in Taiwan; providing services to those in need of ‘short-term accommodation’.

While this may on first thought seem seedy to a Westerner, you need to remember that many young people- even married- live with their parents, and time alone is precious and rare.

To that end, DEM teamed up with the company to propose a younger, hipper, more casual environment, in contrast to some of the more clandestine facilities on offer. Graphics design, branding, interior and in industrial design all worked together to bring a disparate set of elements together.

The remote control paired with the entertainment system. DVD, Karaoke, lighting, music and room service are all available. But this comes with some special features, particular to this environment; a set of sound effects including ocean, forest … meeting … and underground train. Yes, ‘monkey mode’, that allows your evening to progress without interruption.


Clearly, this was a market with very specific needs; and we visited a number of the other locations in the chain in order to understand the business; some fascinating insights into a side of Asia that you don’t see very often.

You drive the car *up* into the hotel, into a bay, close the shutters.

Each room is themed; some with relatively 'restrained' decor ...

... some with modern interpretations ...

... and some with some truly horrendous themes. All of them, a total riot.

2D views of the device with the hardware interface; this was twinned with an on-screen interface for room control and refreshment service.

Now online and ready for viewing!


Wego Funtel – Click on ‘Fun Design’ and get ready for some crazy music.