Giant Clip

The Giant management team came back to DEM in order to strengthen their range of ‘lifestyle’ bikes, after the successful City Storm bike, designed in collaboration with Michael Young.

The brief: the Japanese market is enormously influential, and due to more cramped living conditions than in Europe or the USA they rely on folding bikes for transport. The key insight, which lead to the design direction, was to design the bike for the interior of a house; more like a piece of furniture, starting from the folded state.

Amongst other patents, when the seat post is pushed down a stand automatically slides out from the bottom of the seat tube to support the bicycle.

The bicycle went into full scale production in August ‘07 for initial sale in the Japanese and European markets, and was featured in Wired magazine, as well as coverage in the design and bicycle press.


Playing in the workshop, getting some ideas fixed.

Testing them in motion.

Surprisingly, we found that the bike industry did not work in 'assemblies'; final parts were merely assembled in the workshops. So, there were no resources for getting 3D data and doing the rendering work and we had to end up modelling all the parts down to the cables and even the chain.

Clip in its final folded state